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At Pineapple Recruitment, our team of professional recruitment consultants provide their gold standard service– fast and friendly, tailored and transparent and with no hard sell.

Pineapple Recruitment Overview

We successfully recruited over 200 members of staff in our previous business experiences, so we created Pineapple Recruitment to share our knowledge of hiring to candidates and businesses in Dorset and Hampshire.

Specialising in customer service employment, we have expertise in hiring, training, and auditing new and seasoned agents, so we understand the full process of hiring outstanding company representatives. We offer bespoke onboarding for candidates and businesses alike to make the whole process easy and seamless for all concerned.

We also know how candidates feel because, you guessed it, we were candidates ourselves! Everyone at Pineapple Recruitment has worked in a contact centre or in a customer service role.

At Pineapple Recruitment, we know what we’re doing and we know how we can help you.

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Pineapple Recruitment

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