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Social media marketing affords companies the opportunity to build relationships while driving brand awareness and promoting products and services to clients and customers. Campaigns that incorporate smart strategy, engaging brand-based experiences and buzz-worthy content create communities that consumers want to be a part of.

It starts with a plan

Our social media services begin with a detailed plan based on client marketing and business objectives. We isolate key platforms that present opportunities for your organization and outline ways to develop, manage, and maintain those platforms. Our process starts with the following:

  • Listening Audit
  • Content Plan
  • Visual Designs
  • Drive Book

Our team takes the final step and implements your social media initiative, complete with custom profiles, active content streams, daily community management and ongoing measurement and optimization.

Engage Your Community

Consumers want to be a part of your brand, but they expect something in return — engagement. Brands that routinely interact in social media effectively transform a consumer group into a community.

We engage your social media audience with compelling designs, unique applications, meaningful interaction, and relevant content primed for participation and feedback. Our experience in building customized Facebook pages, Twitter campaigns, YouTube channels, Pinterest boards, Instagram streams and LinkedIn company profiles provides real value to brands. We can also work to promote your products and services with social media influencers through a variety of tactics.

Your most powerful stories are told by your fans. Make the most of it!

Optimizing Media Spending

Social networks are also important media platforms. Big Golden Pineapple expertly manages ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter, maximizing your media spend and optimizing campaign impact.

Never Stop Listening

Good listeners generally have the most friends. They're the ones we turn to for understanding, advice, and companionship. Brands develop the same rapport when they learn to listen via social media channels.

As part of our social media management services, we conduct active listening and monitoring campaigns, exposing clients to the impact of their efforts in real time. Our regular reporting reveals un-biased opinions and key data you can use to inform everything from product development to marketing and sales.

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