Digital Strategy

The relevance and accessibility of digital media crosses generations, work functions, cultural boundaries and more

Integrated, cross platform functional, visual and copy consistency delivers a multiplying effect.

Starting with a clear understanding of your audience, our digital strategy process model results in a framework for how to tell your story in a logical sequence in order to achieve optimal results.

Content Strategy

Great content drives online success and Big Golden Pineapple’s strategic creative approach to content marries engaging creative to clearly defined business objectives. Results can be transactional and/or transformative - generating sales/conversions or provoking bona fide behavioral changes.

A variety of inputs provide a framework for developing insights that inform our digital strategy and positioning:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Audience Research
  • Social Listening
  • Website Analytics
  • Sales Figures
  • Customer-Specific Data
  • Tech Landscape
  • Stakeholder Insights
  • Global Issues
  • Search Engine Research

Identifying Proper Platforms

As multi-channel communication opportunities proliferate, identification of the appropriate networks and platforms has become a core element of a smart digital strategy. Target audiences, features/functionality, technology, interoperability, and reporting are just some of the considerations we look at when identifying the right digital platforms for organizations to ride.

What Does ‘Better’ Look Like?

A purposeful measurement plan defines meaningful goals, targets, segments and KPIs.

Our data measurement methodology identifies what channels are truly performing, where to find the greatest cost efficiencies, and what impact digital campaigns are truly making on your operations.

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