UX/Digital Design

UX Design Process

How do you make a complex process simple? How do you make the intangibles into a working prototype? Our immersive, fluid process of envisioning and prototyping drives our ability to innovate and iterate quickly.

  • Personas & User Stories
    We begin with concise and readable narratives that articulate the needs and goals of the end user.
  • Design
    Wireframes and/or comps are created to methodically address each user story.
  • Prototype
    A clickable prototype may include animations, video or actual code to illustrate interactivity or effects.
  • Test
    Users interact with and test the prototype and provide immediate feedback

Getting early feedback from real users — and making research-backed, user-centered design decisions — can lead to a better product and help avoid expensive errors.

UX Design Considerations

  • Flexibility & Scalability
  • Ease of Use
  • Brand Consistency
  • Clarity of Communication
  • Accessibility via a range of devices
  • Surprise & Delight

Visual Design Principles

A great number of design elements impact overall user experience: typography, images, colors, grids/layouts, space, etc. Our visual design process seeks to pinpoint the elements that work and don’t work, resulting in experiences and products that satisfy and engage. Evidence-based insights meld with creativity and originality to produce a range of meaningful, sustainable solutions.

Compelling Copy

No user experience is complete without quality copywriting that effectively services the needs of users. Engagement, entertainment, or utility are some of the hallmarks of effective online storytelling. The best copy persuades and convinces its readers to take action – purchase, clickthrough, sign-up or share.

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